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Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Commonwealth Fusion

Commonwealth Fusion

Marketing & Communications
Devens, MA, USA
Posted on Friday, April 28, 2023
Imagine a world where unlimited clean energy comes from a machine. A machine with no greenhouse gas emissions, can be built and deployed anywhere, leverages existing infrastructure and uses limitless resources.
That world is closer than you think. Fusion energy will make it possible to meet the world’s growing energy demands and open up possibilities we can’t even imagine today. It’s a source of clean energy that can scale quickly and isn’t hampered by the limitations of today’s energy sources.
Commonwealth Fusion Systems is building the machine to turn this potential into a reality. We’re pursuing the fastest, surest path to limitless, clean, fusion energy through proven science and revolutionary magnet technology. We plan to demonstrate commercially relevant fusion energy with SPARC, a fusion machine we are currently building in suburban Boston that will be operational in 2025. That will pave the way for the first fusion power plant, ARC, which is expected to start feeding clean energy in the grid in the early 2030s.
We’ve raised more than $2 billion since the company was founded in 2018 from the world’s leading, most discerning investors, including Tiger Global, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital, Temasek, Bill Gates, John Doerr and Eni. Our team includes pioneers from the most complex, disruptive, category-creating sectors of technology, science and manufacturing—scrappy, brilliant people with an unrivaled bias to action.
Our goal is not merely to build a successful company, merely to catalyze an entire new segment of the energy sector, or merely to avert a climate catastrophe. Our goal is to radically uplevel humanity to an era of unprecedented abundance.
Now we’re looking for our first Chief Marketing and Communications Officer to take our company to the next level. You’ll be responsible for driving a movement around fusion energy and showing how we’re leading the path.


  • Articulate and deliver on the CFS mission, culture and strategy. You’ll shape and evolve the company narrative—why we exist, what we’re building, what’s possible, where we’re going—which requires connecting a handful of highly strategic dots from across the company and incorporating the key macro forces and trends outside of it. You’ll build and maintain a robust pipeline of fascinating stories that you’ll bring to life across every possible medium, from our internal all-hands to social media and earned media to thought leadership opportunities at the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Congress and everywhere else.
  • Define a new category and show how CFS is pioneering it. What we’re building hasn’t been done before. It’s a new industry, a new concept, a new approach that doesn’t fit in typical glossaries or frameworks. It makes sense that our employees come from places like SpaceX, Tesla, Relativity Space, Hyperloop, and Google—they’re motivated to build something that doesn’t quite exist in the public consciousness yet. It’s our job to make sure it does. You must be 100% comfortable in this realm. It’s harder than it seems.
  • Be a thought partner and storytelling partner for our co-founder and CEO. You’ll report to Bob Mumgaard and work side-by-side with him and our talented leaders to help the brand evolve as the company grows.
  • Put us ahead of the curve. You’ll shape where we’re going and how we’ll get there, anticipate what’s around the corner and execute on a strategy that keeps us on our front foot, while flawlessly responding to all the reactive, real-time, inbound needs.
  • Lead a small but mighty marketing and comms team. You’ll support and empower (and in some cases, hire) people who look after brand, design, events, internal comms, social and external comms.


  • You’re a storyteller who explains complex things in the most compelling ways (especially to non-technical people). You listen and tailor your stories to the people in the room. You ask questions to get at the heart of meaty topics and big challenges, then weave what you’ve learned into stories that tell them back in unexpected and refreshingly simple ways.
  • You go deep on technical subjects. Fusion is hard science. It’s complex and sophisticated. But it’s also fascinating and world-changing, and you should be excited to nerd out on it (if you haven’t already!).
  • You see possibilities, not ceilings. There has been a long-standing joke that fusion is always 30 years away. We’re determined to make that joke fall off the face of the earth.
  • You know what it takes to break molds and build new things. You’ve helped companies define and enter new spaces before—the Impossible Food, Tesla, SpaceX, Uber types that created new categories and made them commonplace.
  • You’ve built and led marketing and/or comms teams. You’ve built and led marketing and/or comms teams but you still know how – and love – to do the work. You know how to rally people, help them develop, inspire and guide them.