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Deputy General Counsel

Metal Pay

Metal Pay

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2023

A seasoned in-house attorney to build a global clean-tech company that invents breakthrough technology, discovers billions of dollars of minerals, and helps to stop climate change.

About the Company

KoBold Metals is a mineral exploration company inventing AI to explore for the metals we need for a low-carbon economy. Our business is discovering and developing mineral resources, and our objective is to achieve a step-change improvement in exploration success: we aim to discover more tier 1 resources, faster, and with fewer failures.

KoBold has built a fast-growing global portfolio of more than 50 exploration properties targeting nickel, copper, cobalt, and lithium, which range from 100%-owned to partnerships with majors, junior explorers, and prospectors.

Our team includes the best of the industry in exploration geoscience, data science, software engineering, operations, and business. Prior to joining KoBold, our team members made nearly 20 discoveries. Our exploration programs are co-led by our geoscientists and data scientists, who develop exploration hypotheses, rigorously quantify uncertainty in our understanding of the subsurface, and design data collection programs that most effectively reduce uncertainty, drawing upon a large suite of proprietary exploration technology built by our data scientists and software engineers. Our field programs validate and improve the system and have demonstrated material improvements over conventional exploration methods.

KoBold is privately held, and our investors include: institutional asset managers T. Rowe Rice and Canada Pension Plan Investments; technology venture capitalists Andreessen Horowitz, Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures, BOND Capital, Standard Investments, and Sam Altman’s Apollo Projects; and leading natural resources companies Equinor, Mitsubishi, and BHP.


The Deputy General Counsel will:

  • Be the second in-house counsel in a technology and mineral exploration company growing rapidly around the world
  • Develop and lead major parts of the company’s legal function, which include worldwide contracting, regulatory filings, employment matters, compliance with state laws, and many other areas as the company and its legal functions grow
  • Provide leverage and support to the GC so that the GC is more effective at advancing the company’s priorities
  • Represent the company in negotiations throughout the U.S. and abroad with mining companies, tech companies, governments, universities, vendors, and individuals
  • Provide immediate legal and business advice to internal clients who include senior executives, business people, HR and talent acquisition, geologists, data scientists, and software engineers
  • Develop, lead, and support parts of the company’s business operations that use legal and business skills, including the management of confidential information, organization of subsidiaries, and management of business processes
  • Work across the company to set and meet high standards of ethics, with a focus on safety, anti-corruption, community support, environmental protection, anti-discrimination, and integrity
  • Lead due diligence projects when the company is conducting diligence about an opportunity and when we are responding to diligence requests
  • Hire and supervise outside counsel across many subject areas and jurisdictions
  • Write, revise, and review documents regarding every part of the business
  • Work on whatever needs to be done


The candidate must have:

  • Substantial experience as in-house counsel in a successful business, including multiple areas of responsibility noted above
  • Strong desire and ability to provide leverage, support, and partnership to the GC
  • Strong desire and ability to develop relationships throughout the company and beyond
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Interest in working in a science-based company where most colleagues are scientists and science is the focus of many company meetings and documents
  • Interest in working in a company that requires high levels of collaboration among teammates working remotely across many time zones and continents.
  • Strong ability to learn new tools and solve new problems continuously
  • Interest in working in a global company and learning many foreign legal systems and business environments
  • Strong ability to be a leader in the setting a high standard of ethics
  • An optimistic attitude toward work and people
  • J.D. and active admission to a state bar

It is not necessary to have experience with mining or mineral exploration; the successful candidate will be able to learn what’s needed about the industry on the job.

KoBold Metals is an equal opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunities for people of any race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or veteran status.

This position is full-time, exempt.

Salary range: $175,000 - $225,000

Location: Remote, anywhere in the U.S.

All candidates must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.