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Inventory Officer



Osogbo, Nigeria
Posted on Monday, January 8, 2024

We are looking for an Inventory Officer who will ensure accuracy and effectiveness in all task, prepare and submit weekly/monthly reports to management when expected or requested and also record and keep update of every financial data in aa timely manner.

What You Will Do:

•Receive, store, issue the goods, managing the stock levels and giving out the supplies from the stock

.•Ensuring the preparation of inventories, maintaining the stock records, using computerized systems for entering the records and is accountable for checking the supply invoices with the purchase orders.

• Source out for suppliers and ensure that quotes are obtained as well.

• Ensure that surpluses or obsolete stocks are taken out.

• maintaining record of receipts as well as issuance of items that are going out of the warehouse so as to ensure accuracy and completeness

• Reconciliation of physical stock vis-a-vis book records or stock in the system•Ensure zero discrepancy as per content of the purchase order (PO) vis-a-vis the packing list/invoice from the supplier.

• Oversee the stacking of goods in an orderly system within the stock location system so that the stock can be stored easily and retrieved whenever there is a requirement.

• Undertake the function of stock taking and confirm the periodic stock on a regular basis by working closely with the designated staff members

• Enusur proper supervision of the offloading process, the subsequent arrangement of merchandise, material, etc., and consignment so that it can be accessed and identified easily

• To ensure the correct and timely valuation of the inventory and to be involved in directing and managing procedures related to offloading, packing and unpacking

• Update the City Inventory Management - Database with new items and their respective quantities.

• Ensure the safekeeping of all asset spare keys belonging to MAX

• Ensure retrieval of trackers from the storage rack/location upon receiving a satisfactorily filled Store Requisition Form.

• Inspect the items received from suppliers and ensure quality conformance. If items do not conform to agreed quality levels, reject such items.

• Ensure that the bin cards for each SKU are updated.