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Superconducting Systems Engineer - Modeling



Software Engineering
Woburn, MA, USA
Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024
Giving everyone in the world access to clean, reliable, affordable energy will require substantial expansion of global electricity transmission networks. VEIR is developing a new generation of High Temperature Superconductor (HTS)-based transmission lines, enabling long distance, reliable, low loss, cost–effective power transfer in far smaller right–of–ways. VEIR’s innovations overcome the main barriers to transmission expansion, enabling the world to access the very lowest cost renewable power.
The Superconducting Systems Engineer will assist in the design and development of low loss, high ampacity high-temperature superconductor-based power cables and HTS subsystems.
This position is expected to be based at VEIR HQ in Woburn, MA.

You Are:

  • Experienced with HTS systems. You have a strong modeling and analytical background evaluating the performance of systems utilizing high-temperature superconductors.
  • An excellent communicator. You clearly communicate goals, timelines, progress, and risks to team members at VEIR.
  • A capable collaborator. You understand that we can accomplish more as a team than as an individual. Working by yourself is essential, but the ability to help the group achieve its objectives is key.
  • Excited to work in a fast-paced environment. You can work with minimal supervision and are self-motivated.
  • Creative and detail driven. You find creative ways to solve problems in the absence of pre-existing data and tools and have an exceptional eye for detail.

You Will:

  • Use engineering analysis techniques, models, and simulation tools to design, characterize, and continuously improve the performance, reliability, lifetime, and cost of VEIR’s HTS-based power transmission cables and related subsystems
  • Collaborate with experimental team in the review, interpretation, and visualization of experimental data; use data to validate and improve designs and strategically plan subsequent prototype design iterations and experimental campaigns
  • Provide engineering expertise in high-temperature superconducting cables for power transmission applications
  • Contribute to building high performance team culture and work processes
  • Collaborate with broader VEIR team to integrate HTS cable and cable accessory designs with broader VEIR engineering and product development efforts, including thermal and high voltage system designs
  • Identify, evaluate, negotiate, and liaise with subcomponent suppliers, academic collaborators, and external consultants
  • Participate in documenting innovations and filing patent applications for key VEIR innovations

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or physics with at least 2 years of engineering experience working with high-temperature superconducting tapes and/or systems
  • Demonstrated creativity and experience in design of HTS systems (cables, magnets, generators, etc.)
  • Strong modeling and analytical background evaluating the performance of systems utilizing HTS tape
  • Experience interpreting experimental results and correlating results with model predictions
  • Competent in Python and COMSOL

Preferred Qualificaitons

  • MS or PhD in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or applied physics with at least 4 years of engineering experience working with high-temperature superconducting tapes and/or systems
  • Strong background in analytical design of low loss, high ampacity AC and DC HTS power cables
  • Demonstrated success contributing to the commercialization of new products utilizing high-temperature superconductors
  • Ability to use CAD software tools for 3D Modeling (SolidWorks)

Expected Outcomes

  • 3 months: Developed a detailed understanding of VEIR technology, including design specifications and constraints. Developed knowledge of VEIR’s modeling and analysis techniques for HTS-based power transmission cables.
  • 6-12 months: Become the owner of VEIR’s modeling and analysis efforts towards the development of HTS-based power transmission cables.